Hi everyone, so I just went through something that’s never happened to me before, and it got me thinking about how fragile the things we hold dear truly are. My hard drive died. It’s not a big deal, I have a warranty and I can have a working computer back by the end of the week, but I lost some projects that I was unfortunate enough not to put on a VCS like git or mercurial. All my important stuff was in the cloud, but my hobby projects were just, gone. Poof. One minute they’re there, the next minute the machinery that stores them as strings of 1’s and 0’s just died. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to recover them but there were some things I’m geniunely sad I lost. For example, I found a game called Stockfighter, where you take advantage of a web API to make a bot to trade stocks on a virutal stock market, it’s a simple concept, and I wasn’t playing very seriously, but all the work I put into that, gone. Another thing, a bot program for the popular service Slack just to annoy the people who I work with on there, it’s gone too. The things that you hold most dear are in the care of a disk in a shell of metal and plastic. If that disk dies, with it goes everything. I’d heard talk about the importance of backups on podcasts I listen to (Hello Internet) but I payed them no attention. “What are the chances of this happening to me?” Was the question I asked just a week prior to the death of my code. My encounter with the digital grim reaper, who came to harvest the work I hadn’t stored elsewhere has taught me that even if you’re tech savvy, and you think your things are safe, you can’t predict what will happen. You can’t know that tomorrow your computer will refuse to boot. Computers are fragile, and one wrong move; dropping your laptop, tripping over the cord, a spilled glass of water, and everything could be destroyed in an instant. Don’t take the chance, backup your data, so that you’ll be prepared.