Let’s just get this out of the way, if you’ve read the about page, you’ll know how old I am, and if you live in north america, that gives you a good idea of my grade in school. And good god, school is just so painful sometimes, I’ll be sitting in class, trying to pay attention, and my brain just wanders to wherever. I don’t think it’s because I have a disorder, like ADD. I think it’s more about how the teachers that I’ve had, at least capture my attention. I think, that it really depends on how the subject matter is taught. That’s the deciding factor for if the knowledge goes in, then out. Or if you actually retain it.

School is necessary, but I think the way that we’re educated can be improved upon vastly. It is really hard for me to pay attention, because I already know the subject matter being taught, so my brain just refuses to pay attention. Because it already has the knowledge it’s supposed to be taking in at this moment. This is really annoying for me, because sometimes, there will be a point where there is knowledge I don’t already possess, that is being given to me by my teacher. Unfortunately this usually comes after a lesson where I already know the material being taught, so my brain goes into low power mode, and I find it hard to pay attention. Emerging from this for me is a challenge, so it makes it harder for me to learn new things, if they’re brought after the material I already know.

Another thing that bothers me, is the subjects that are being taught. The people who are teaching us lived in an age without technology, and so, most likely did the people who are creating the curriculum. This makes it so that classes I would think are extremely valuable in our ever-increasing technologically dependent society. A prime example of this would be programming lessons. Programming is a skill that is only becoming more valuable as the years march on, and yet most schools are still left without even the barest hint of a programming course. Because the world is becoming very technologically dependent, I personally believe it to be important, that the next generation would be technologically savvy. {% highlight java %} public void rant(Ranter me) { System.out.println(“This is something that should be getting more of a focus in schools.”); } {% endhighlight %}

Overall, school isn’t going away, but I do believe that it needs some overhauls, if it’s going to do what it’s supposed to do bigger and better. Programming is fast becoming the way of the future, and I believe that schools should especially be preparing children for that age, because it is the age that they will be growing into.

I hope that wasn’t too ranty for everyone, I’m out.