Hey there, this page is assuming that you have no previous knowledge of who I am, so I’m gonna try to summarize it as best I can. My name is Redrield, in real life, I’m 15 years old. If you cant tell based off of the fact that I make spigot plugins, I love programming.
I started programming things when I was about 11. Back then I was only making things in Lua, and Python. Eventually, about a year later, I moved on to making java terminal programs. Again, those were really simple and admittedly boring, so I moved on from that to making graphical Java applications.
This was fun while it lasted, I especially liked being able to add things to other people’s programs, to improve them in my eyes. An example of this would be when I was on a roadtrip with my family, I had our laptop, and I had found the source code for a java tic tac toe application. When I first got it, and played some games I really didn’t like the fact that the window shut after every game, so I went into the source code and programmed in a prompt, that would ask me if I wanted to reset the board, yes or no.
When I finished that I was pretty proud of myself, but after that point I started programming less and less, as school began to take up more of my time than it used to. Then, in 2015, I got back into programming, and it’s been the most fun I’ve ever had. It started when the owner of an OP Prison Minecraft server needed a plugin made, when I did some research I found that bukkit/spigot plugins were written in Java, so I explored the API, and afterwards I looked up a good tutorial, and eventually started making bigger and bigger plugins up until today.

That’s about as summarized as I could get it, I won’t blame you if you didn’t read all of that xD!