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How I feel about starting my own blog

Posted 2018-05-10T13:35:27

Blogging is not exactly something that is new to me. I have made my thoughts about certain things public before. As such, this project is not that much of a change for me, and I am fairly indifferent as to having to do it.

The biggest difference between this and what I did before, is that before when I did blog, it would mostly be about shower thoughts, or major world news regarding technology. Some of the posts that I had written before included how fragile our data can be, my opinions about schooling, and my thoughts about the repeal of Internet service providers' Title II status by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States. None of the posts that I had ever written focused on anything outside of my personal interests, which mainly have to do with technology in the modern world.

This blog is fundamentally different than what I had done before. Whereas before my blog focused around things of interest to me, now the writing will be focused on a subject that I read in a book. This is very distinctive difference, because the posts that I am writing are less my own; they have been prompted, and I am just writing words. This sort of blog feels less exciting, and less personal than the kind I kept in the past.

Overall, my feelings about this whole assignment are somewhat neutral. On the one hand, it is something that I have already been doing for a while, however the way in which I need to do it for this assignment means that it is fundamentally different from the things that I did do in the past. I imagine that this project is less enticing to me than it is to other students, because this is just replacing something I've already been doing with something that I believe is less interesting to me.